30×40 Street Fighter: Long Term Project Update #2

Two weeks ago I shared a long-term project I’m working on: a 30 x 40 acrylic painting of a scene from Street Fighter. I finished the first, smaller figure in my last post and was about to begin painting the more detailed figure. I intended to update once I finished him, but I’ve hit some road blocks that I thought I’d share and ask for help with.

Most of the last two weeks was spent on Ryu’s pants. Since the perspective places Ryu’s bottom half in the forefront, I wanted to make the detail on the pants sharp and eye-catching. I started again by blocking in the figure with solid colors, a technique I learned since my last post, after pouring over some library books, is called underpainting.

long term acrylic canvas painting projectI slowly began to work in shadows, highlights, and colors to add detail.

long term acrylic canvas painting project

long term acrylic canvas painting projectI’ve added a lot of shadowing and darker outlines to make the character really pop and appear more “cartoonish.” It’s not my typical style, but for this painting I thought it would work. My plan is to finish the details and re-evaluate when I can look at the painting as a whole, to see if I should tone it down a bit. What do you think?
long term acrylic canvas painting projectI was so excited to put the finishing touches on. Who knew a pair of pants could be so detailed?! After working through the pants, I began working on the upper half of the body using the same technique. My continued reading of painting books taught me that I should be laying down the darkest colors first and adding highlights… whoops.

long term acrylic canvas painting projectWhich leads me to where I am today. This is the painting after this morning’s work. I am feeling a bit stuck.

long term acrylic canvas painting projectIt seems silly after finishing up all the fabric I’ve already done, but I’m having trouble with the red tie around Ryu’s head. I want to show movement in the fabric, but can’t seem to achieve this. It’s as though, unlike the pants, the more colors and layers I add the worse it looks. I’m especially struggling with the end of the top piece of fabric.

long term acrylic canvas painting projectSo I’m stopping here for the day, and stepping slowly away from the painting! I figured it’s a great spot to share some photos and reach out to other artists for some tips.

If you have any advice or feedback for me, I’d love to hear it! I’ll update my progress again once I work through this snag, hopefully with a finished Ryu and ready to add some of the awesome lighting effects!

EDIT: I’ve now finished this painting! You can see the final product here.

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