Custom Paintings, Process Photos, & My Moment of Zen

Wow have things been busy around here! Between planning for our epic backpacking trip, preparing to move on December 15th, keeping up with orders from my Etsy shop, and working on custom paintings, it’s been a little hectic. But I definitely can’t complain!

While cleaning up my living room/art studio, I lined up all my current projects along the “drying wall.” I didn’t realize just how many projects I am working on at the same time- it was shocking to see them all together!

Current ProjectsNo wonder my head is spinning! I feel so lucky, though, to have the opportunity to be doing what I love– it’s amazing.Β A majority of the paintings I’m working on are custom orders which will be holiday gifts, so I can’t share many of them.

I got an exciting order from an old friend who I met years ago through a job. She surprised me by reaching out and ordering six paintings! I feel so special that she chose me to create gifts for her family and friends. She also agreed to let me share the paintings with my readers, which is awesome. So far I’ve finished 3, and here’s a peek at process photos from one of them:


I’ve been so focused on catching up with custom orders lately, it occurred to me that something was missing: designing andΒ creating my own personal art. I didn’t realize how much I missed the creative process of developing and making paintings until I wasn’t doing it! So I decided to squeeze in a few of my own projects while I work on custom orders.

I’ve been experimenting with mixed media, including my own photography, and I adore the way this canvas turned out.


This 8×10 canvas is now available in my Etsy shop. It felt great to create a piece with my own vision again. And unlike the custom pieces, I get to call the shots! :)

I managed to sneak away for a little while one afternoon and headed to my favorite place, Wrightsville Beach. It was a business related trip though- I needed to find more treasures for my Mini Zen Gardens!

Treasure hunting on Wrightsville Beach

I enjoy seashell hunting so much because it does feel like a treasure hunt. I love picking through miles of broken shells to find those special pieces. It’s my own zen moment.


And that’s been life for the past couple weeks. It’s been wonderful.

Okay, back to work. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know what you think, leave me a comment or show me some love!


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